One Piece: Red

One Piece Red! It has finally reached the shores of North America in early November and we were lucky enough to be able to watch it opening night. HUGE SPOILERS in this episode so be forewarned but we hope that you watch the movie and join the conversation with us!


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Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew arrive at Uta's first ever live concert, where many fans have gathered to enjoy the diva's otherworldly singing. Due to a childhood trauma, Uta bears a deep-seated hatred for pirates; her happy reunion with Luffy is cut short when she learns that he has since become one. Luffy's refusal to change his ways results in Uta unleashing her powers on the Straw Hats.


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This movie came out in August 2022  and will come to Crunchyroll in the near future. It was  produced by Toei known for making classics: Dragon Ball, Toriko , Digimon, and many other great anime.


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