One Piece Film: Gold

This week we're discussing One Piece Film: Gold! The movie takes place after the Dressrosa Arc. It's a filler movie and is the 13th of the series. The crew end up on a casino island-ship and naturally run into trouble they have to deal with. Tune-in as we talk about this heist style, One Piece movie!

Episode Discussion

  • Yay or nay? and would we recommend it.
  • @3:13 - Phil makes a rookie mistake and calls devil fruit powers, gum-gum powers MULTIPLE times!
  • @8:15 - One Piece gets dark.
  • @17:21 - Bad guy makes Golden Voltron.
  • @19:29 - What we did and didn't like about it. Also, what we would change to make it better.
  • @34:05 - Who's our favourite character?

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